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Level 1 - Welcome to Improv!

Level 1 - Welcome to Improv!


Starts March 14th

6 Weeks | 7PM - 10PM


Our Welcome to Improv class is designed for both new and experienced improvisers. It is perfect for anyone looking to be introduced to the art of improv, as well as anyone looking to jump into the Nitro curriculum. Students can expect to focus on learning to embrace the power of mistakes with playing games and gaining confidence in their choices. But they will also focus on learning how to just be themselves and find power in who they are as people. Being yourself can feel hard! Learn how you’d rather be no one else. Students will leave this class with more confidence in having fun, their choices, and just themselves.



8810 Commodity Cir #25, Orlando, FL 32819


    All classes require a non-refundable $100 deposit. Reserving a seat takes away seats from others. If you need a refund, you will be provided with the remainder of what you paid minus the $100 deposit.

    Please be aware of registering for any class that you have not met the prerequisites for. If you are not eligible for a class or cancel your seat prior to the session starting, you will be given a refund minus the costs of the processing fees.

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