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Nitro's education program is centered around teaching you all the different aspects of long form improv. Instead of the traditional leveled format, our curriculum is structured to focus around constantly learning and strengthening new and old concepts.


Our Welcome to Improv class is designed for both new and experienced improvisers. It is perfect for anyone looking to be introduced to the art of improv, as well as anyone looking to jump into the Nitro curriculum. This class is focused on giving yourself the power to be you and find the fun in the unknown!


These core classes are a series of three classes that focus on the basic elements of our scenes and building those muscles to discover who we are, where we are, and why we're here. There is currently only one class available at a time, but the content of that class rotates between three different options: Relationship, Character/Point of View, and Environment.

A strong and fundamental understanding of these concepts is required in order to move into the advanced classes.


These classes ensure that all students taking them have a solid understanding of the Scene Building concepts first. In Advanced, we focus on what to do with our scene once it is built. These are another series of rotating classes which focus on finding the unusual thing, long form etiquette, learning the legendary Harold format, and other advanced concepts to take our improv to the next level!


Learning to drive!


Ready for an audience!

Our performance track is available to any improvisers who are looking to perform at Nitro Theater. In this program, the classes are quicker and shorter. Instead of learning the concepts and how they work, we practice them in a series of intensive classes. Each class ends with an audition which is required to pass into the next. Completion of this program is required in order to get on a Nitro Resident Company team.


This class focuses on running the starts of scenes and practicing how to implement our muscles learned in the Mechanics program directly and effectively into our scenes.


Driving focuses on the skills needed after the scene has been established. We practice finding and playing the unusual thing, and concepts of long form etiquette.


The final class of the Performance Track focuses on, well... performance! These weeks are spent practicing and implementing needed performance skills to ensure that our improv is ready for an audience.

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