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Nitro Presents is an opportunity for all local performers to both play and learn. As a performer, you will be assigned into a team. You will get a meet-and-greet with your team and a coaching session to practice, play, and gel! You also get a performance with your team. Better yet, as a performer you will receive a portion of the ticket sales. With the right math, that means you may get this whole opportunity for free!

Show Date

August 18th

Practice Dates

August 15th   |   August 16th 

What are we competing for?

Bragging rights and a toy racecar helmet that confirms that you are, in fact, the Nitro Grand Prix Champions!

Are we required to have a coach?

No coaches are required for this opportunity, but they are strongly encouraged! The Grand Prix is a show with a general audience, and not just fellow improvisers. This means that while we are here to have fun, we also want to make sure the audience does too! Nitro does provide coaching services, but you are free to ask anyone you would like. A coach can provide your team with an outside eye to help you see things you otherwise wouldn't from the inside!

Is there a required team size?


How do we submit?

You can submit your team below, including your team name and each of its members. Which teams will compete will be based on diversity amongst the teams to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to play. We will contact you if your team is chosen by Friday, March 10th. There is a registration fee of $25 if your team is chosen.

The submission deadline is Monday, March 6th.

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Volunteer Submission

Thank you for your help! We will be in contact for scheduling!

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Team Submission

Thank you for your submission! We will reach out with any updates!

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