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Nitro offers a variety of workshops available to you and your team, depending on your needs!


Learning to truly hear and appreciate each other's ideas, obstacles, or even issues can be challenging, but essential! This workshop caters to using improv to better hear each other and our needs while still having fun.


Meeting new people and learning how they work can be awkward for some. So let's make it awkward for everyone and put them on equal footing! This workshop will break the ice between your new teammates and get them laughing together in no time.


Sometimes we just need a break. Let this workshop allow your team members to relax and play. Inviting our inner creativity to come out and play brings us together and can even make us more excited to use it in our work!

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Let's create together!


A decade in corporate experience.

Alex has spent many years focusing on the craft of improv and acting, and the way these skills integrate into our lives and communication. But during the day, he has spent 10 years in corporate world as a software engineer.

With an extensive background in the corporate work environment, he is familiar with both the strengths and weaknesses in corporate team communication, as well as the difficulties that get in the way of making it stronger. Being on a team means being able to communicate openly and safely. No idea is a bad idea, and better yet, those ideas will likely take us to greater ideas. But how often do we create an open space for that communication instead of only leaving room for the people who speak their ideas the loudest?

Confidence is important. Ingenuity is important. Creativity is important. But our primary flaw is in believing that only those who we hear talking are the ones with these qualities. Throughout years of teaching and helping everyone from veteran actors to wallflowers, Alex has found the light each of them has to share and helped focus on how to help it shine in a fun and comfortable way.

Many people who work in office environments are either nervous or uncomfortable about learning new ways to communicate. But that's because they haven't worked with us yet!

Call us now at (407) 720-8620, or email us at 

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