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Pretty Fower

Pretty Fower


January 14th

2PM - 4:30PM


Hang around with improv nerds long enough, and at some point the Pretty Flower format will come up. Coaches love it because it develops core improv skills, and players love it because it’s such a fun and flexible performance format.


The Pretty Flower helps improvisers discover and work as a full ensemble to get the most out of great characters. It balances patient, durable scenes that could happily run forever with runs of lightning-quick heightening scenes, chock full of heightening and exploration. Switching between those two modes of play is exhilarating for audiences, and for performers it builds a new level of range and fluidity in your play style.


You’ll leave this workshop fully ready and able to perform the Pretty Flower format and with new improv skills and tools you can draw on regardless of format. We’ll also cover ways to theme the Pretty Flower so you can use it to explore and enjoy subjects and genres close to your heart.


    John Windmueller loves improv. Loves it! Being present in the moment, supporting and being supported, laughing and having fun… what’s not to love? John has over 20 years of experience teaching and performing, and he has led sold-out workshops at improv festivals and camps across the US. He currently teaches and performs with both Washington Improv Theater and the Baltimore Improv Group.

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