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"I came to Nitro to help with my acting but stayed because I loved it. Alex is a passionate teacher. He’s committed to his student’s growth and personalizes feedback based on where each student is on his/her improv journey. The only regret I have is not doing improv sooner!" 

- Jennifer Roasa

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Level 1 - Welcome to Improv!

Advanced - Character and Point of View

About Nitro Theater

Nitro Theater is the home of local long form improv. Located at the community's beloved Art's Sake Studio, we provide you with raw and alternative improv in a way you've likely never seen before. Have you seen Middleditch and Schwartz on Netflix? That's just a taste of what we do! With regularly trained performers and staff, Nitro Theater is here to create fast-paced and adult-themed comedy. With every show being entirely unique from the last, your chance to catch all the action is now!

Want to join the fun?

Nitro Theater offers an entire improv curriculum that is meant to foster continual learning, as well as a Performance Track for those looking to perform! Get started now with our  Welcome to Improv! intro class.

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